Friday, January 27, 2012

A Girl Can Dream... Can't She?

So Something strange happened to me the other day. I was browsing on Pinterest and voila, I came across this photograph. This is my dream home. The white fence, yellow siding, full green yard, big tree in the front, a white porch and large window in the front. It is everything I've always dreamed of. I picture it being on the road that Steve Martin's house was on in Father of the Bride (weird, I know) with the brick road and cheery, friendly neighbors. It is perfect, magnificent, marvelous, gorgeous, and dreamy. It made me so excited that I had to really calm myself down. I mean I'm only 22. Pump the brakes, creepy. I still have plenty of years in crap apartments and homes until something like this is ever reached. Seeing this home made me realize where my priorities are in life. Tots, cozy gorgeous home, and a loving husband. 
O yes, dream, dream, dream. 

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