Monday, January 23, 2012


New Minnetonka slippers. My mother bought them and never wore them... so they disappeared from her closet. I mean, she has three other pair around the house so I doubt she will miss these. They are phenomenal and keep my insanely freezing cold toes warm all the time. Thank you mom for your picky taste in slippers!  
 My darling dear, Graham bought me this adorable kindle case all by himself. This is impressive. 1. Elephants are my favorite. 2. I was in desperate need of this kindle case. This is saving me from carrying around my kindle around in the box. Yes, I really was doing this.  3. He ordered this from Etsy. Still in awe. What a peanut. 
Remembering you need to make your boyfriend a dessert and only having an hour to do it... well this is the answer. It's a twist on rice krispie treats with cocco puffs and peanut butter. It is amazing and the easiest thing ever. I came off like Martha Stewart and he was very pleased. Perfecto. 

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  1. Wow! How Suzie Homemaker are you? I just love your blog and will follow you with adoring eyes!!
    Your sparkles are amazing . . . Nice beginning.

    Grayson's Mia!